Show support for the Robson Ranch residents

The residents of the Robson Ranch retirement community are facing the possibility of having gas wells drilled within 750 feet from their homes.  The Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to revisit the item on Wednesday night. Read the full story here.

They could use our support. 

Denton Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
City Hall, 215 E. McKInney st
6 p.m. work session,  and 6:30 p.m. regular meeting


Anonymous said...

The Robson Ranch documents make it very clear that what you are buying into is a gas field with houses on it. the documents also make it very clear that Robson is primarily interested in is the gas. the documents make it very clear and the signer agrees that there will be no complaining about the gas, no benefit to the homeowners from the gas and no homeowner will complain about noise or anything else regarding the gas. They make it very clear that you are moving into a gas field and even more clear that only an idiot would sign these documents. which is why my wife and I thanked them and left

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